I’m finally getting married! 11 wonderful years with my high school sweetheart. Our amazing wedding photographer – Jewelsy Photography includes an engagement session with your package. Trevor and I figured we’d use it for our dream elopement! Aka vintage mustang, and all the 50’s vibes.

As a past wedding photographer myself I’ve learned a lot about what makes a wedding flow best. Doing an elopement before your wedding is a must! It’s exciting yet simple. Immediate family will enjoy it with us at our courthouse ceremony, and next year (9/21/24) We’ll have the wedding!


Bouquet  FYNWFlowerStudioUK

Dress  OrangeVibesStudio

Earrings Nakamol Jewelry

Shoes Steve Madden

Purse Thrifted Lewes Antique Shop

Veil – Amazon

Sunglasses Chicka & Co

Trevor’s fit Target

My details

Wedding date!

Don’t ask how I did this.

Get in bish, we’re eloping

See you at the altar!


Our Elopement Session

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