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Long time no talk guys! I am so hype to be writing again. I want my 2020 to be creative not busy! Last November-so a little over a year ago I decided I shouldn’t keep everything on one Instagram. It was a tough decision, but it made a lot of sense selling products and having […]


5k in a Year

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  Hey gals! Ever since I started my clothing company I have realized just how important visual content is! From hiring a graphic designer to learning specific editing to make the brand pop, pictures truly do sell products. I made over $100 in 30min after posting one good pic in a shirt I’m selling that […]


How I edit for Instagram…on my phone!

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This year I’ve learned so much in my photography business! I wanted to share some tips from my experience on how to avoid nitpicky clients…and yes a family member can be this.   A nitpicky client: – Finds issues with your service and/or work – Is overly critical – Makes you feel in the wrong […]


Avoiding Nitpicky Clients

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So there are 2 reasons I’m writing this blog. #1 It was voted on by YOU #2 I am noticing A LOT of photographers/business owners in general getting taken advantage of by not only their own clients but the public in general! Craziness. Customer Service Before we discuss your worth, let’s chat about the customer/client […]


Knowing Your Worth // In Business

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Hi friends! We all love planners right? But they can be a little tricky to use properly! I want to share with you how I went from buying random target planners 3-4 times a year to sticking with 2 different planners and totally tackling how I organize my life on paper! First off here’s what […]


Planners, Notebooks, Stickers, Oh My! | Organizing 101

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Use a Macro Lens Macro Lenses aren’t the cheapest lenses but they are amazing! If you’re on a Canon you should get the 100mm macro 2.8! It’s $500-600 or you can buy it used (most of my lenses are used) Use Manual Focus and Take Multiple Shots Unless you are totally still (which isn’t normally the […]


Ring Shots ! 4 Tips

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“Work smarter not harder” DISAGREE For years I lived by this and thought it was the answer to everything but honestly it’s just me being fricking lazy That quote isn’t a quote, it’s an excuse. If you strive for success you need to grind You need to put blood, sweat, and tears into your passions […]


Work Smarter AND Harder

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The only thing complaining does is show people you are NOT in control. So when I realized that me, someone who strives for full control, was LOSING it to complaining too much that is when I took responsibility. And you should to, here’s why: Complaining : Express dissatisfaction or annoyance about a state of affairs […]


Why complaining is keeping you from success | Tough love

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