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Hey gals! Happy Feb! The month of loveeee. I have so much to talk about. So many trends for spring we’re noticing so keep scrolling!   Quote of the month: Single Taken Building my empire ✓ I figured this was a good month for that haha, it’s very true. Whether you are single or taken-any gal […]


February CHICKA Magazine

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“Work smarter not harder” DISAGREE For years I lived by this and thought it was the answer to everything but honestly it’s just me being fricking lazy That quote isn’t a quote, it’s an excuse. If you strive for success you need to grind You need to put blood, sweat, and tears into your passions […]


Work Smarter AND Harder

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The only thing complaining does is show people you are NOT in control. So when I realized that me, someone who strives for full control, was LOSING it to complaining too much that is when I took responsibility. And you should to, here’s why: Complaining : Express dissatisfaction or annoyance about a state of affairs […]


Why complaining is keeping you from success | Tough love

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