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  Hey gals! Ever since I started my clothing company I have realized just how important visual content is! From hiring a graphic designer to learning specific editing to make the brand pop, pictures truly do sell products. I made over $100 in 30min after posting one good pic in a shirt I’m selling that […]


How I edit for Instagram…on my phone!

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Use a Macro Lens Macro Lenses aren’t the cheapest lenses but they are amazing! If you’re on a Canon you should get the 100mm macro 2.8! It’s $500-600 or you can buy it used (most of my lenses are used) Use Manual Focus and Take Multiple Shots Unless you are totally still (which isn’t normally the […]


Ring Shots ! 4 Tips

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So you have equipment, you have the eye, but how do you make the image in your head come to life? I’m here to help! P.S. this blog is more helpful to those who shoot manual There are three things to know when SHOOTING: Natural reflectors/shade Camera settings (manual) ~ ISO, F/stop, aperture  Composition  Editing […]


How to make your images clear, soft & bright

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