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  Hey gals! Ever since I started my clothing company I have realized just how important visual content is! From hiring a graphic designer to learning specific editing to make the brand pop, pictures truly do sell products. I made over $100 in 30min after posting one good pic in a shirt I’m selling that […]


How I edit for Instagram…on my phone!

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These blogs are so hard to write #1 because I don’t want to be braggy lol #2 I hate writing #3 I have a terrible memory #4 you get it Choosing goals and a word of the year is so beneficial for anyone. I highly encourage doing so, you’d be amazed out how God can […]


2018 Recap! + My word of the year

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I recently re-did my bedroom! I decided to move all of Chicka & Co into it and make it into a legit creative space! I love how it turned out. I can’t wait for more livestreams, projects, and growth!


A room for an entrepreneur

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Hi friends! Happy February! It’s about time January got over!! Since Valentine’s Day is this month I got the idea to do a blog somewhat related. I know from experience it’s honestly hard to be respected as an entrepreneur, the word itself has been ruined by what Gary Vee calls them “wantapreneurs” There’s a big […]


When Dating/Being Friends with an Entrepreneur…

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Hopefully the title doesn’t sound selfish, I love writing this down every year! It’s great to see what you’ve done, I encourage you to do the same! For my last year’s accomplishments check out A few days ago I got a notebook and wrote down things I’m really proud of that I did this year, […]


2017 Accomplishments + My Word of the Year

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  SO excited for this post! I feel as though I’ve been wanting to share this info since my Junior year of High School – when I would hear girls talk about how badly they wanted to move out of Delaware in order to “achieve great things” how dumb is that? You want to move? […]


Being Successful in a Small Town

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Great things to have in your workspace: desk/table printer your favorite books planners and notebooks small drawers for organizing supplies filing cabinet candles duh whiteboard pictures! cork board (to fill with letters, pins, anything you want) clock cup for pens, markers, pencils, etc. lamp monitor


My Workspace

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I know what you’re thinking. Harsh title. But you clicked on it didn’t you? It’s time for a wake up call! You have one life to live and you are falling behind because of YOU. Here is why: Greedy Activity/Bad habits In other words, doing things for your own pleasure/benefit and not for any purpose. […]


8 Reasons You Hate Your Life

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Long time no talk!! I blog 24/7 sessions but it’s been a few since a written one! A good friend of mine mentioned this topic and I loved it, especially with 2018 right around the corner! Taking on too much | Being a “yes man” Raise your hand if you’re overwhelmed! Just about everyone. This […]


6 Business Mistakes To Avoid

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