Okay, we all know Meghan has a Starbucks addiction. Can you blame me?!
I spend most of my brainstorming and creating sipping on a venti iced vanilla latte, it's true.

I also have A LOT of meetings at Starbucks hanging out with fellow boss gals and helping them figure out what their paths are or what they need to do better. I get the sweetest messages after a coffee meet-up how it totally made them more motivated and ready to tackle their big plans!

So it got me thinking...why not create this as an offer?

So here we are! Nothing big, scary, or expensive. Just a simple hang out to better your business
and get all of those ideas out in the open to make an ACTUAL plan to get shiz done!
Oh...and coffee is on me!



 + coffee!


The Venti

The Grande


-q & a

-a game plan for the year!

-organizing tips

-website critique

-free access to our digital workbooks

-shout out on my instagram + blog

-my excel budget sheet + how I budget/save


-q & a

-a game plan for the year!

-organizing tips

-shout out on my instagram + blog

Why will this help you?

I have been there, you have dozens of ideas, millions of plans,
but you're stuck for some reason.

That's why you need this. I own 3 different businesses, one for services and two for products, I know how to handle chaos!
I am an over-organizer, a crazy-budgeter, and a REALLY good listener. let me help you!

Need new headshots?

add a 20min session for before or after our hang out!

 downtown dover! -$50-