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I am SO excited for this topic! In fact so excited that I created a huge worksheet instead of a new blog! Please print and fill out this PDF and then read this blog! DOWNLOAD: budgeting


Finance | Chicka Challenge Day #4

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You worked so hard clearing all the unwanted and unneeded clutter! Now it’s time to benefit and create goals! Let’s start with some tips! Small is better! No one gets anywhere creating goals that are too big! You need to be realistic with yourself, even if it stings a little. Narrow it down to 3, […]


Create | #Chickachallenge Day 2

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Woohoo! Chicka Challenge Day One! Starting Fresh, Decluttering We can’t move forward with clutter! So let’s knock out all the bad stuff! Mental Clutter/Self Care No more negative vibes Set two goals you want to achieve during this challenge No complaints all today Stop comparing Be yourself this entire week, unapologetically Unfollow people who don’t […]


Starting Fresh! | #ChickaChallenge Day 1

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Long time no talk!! I blog 24/7 sessions but it’s been a few since a written one! A good friend of mine mentioned this topic and I loved it, especially with 2018 right around the corner! Taking on too much | Being a “yes man” Raise your hand if you’re overwhelmed! Just about everyone. This […]


6 Business Mistakes To Avoid

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Being only 20 I didn’t want anyone to feel annoyed by me giving financial advice. Although I truly disagree that age has ANYTHING to do with being good at something or being “allowed” to give advice. Heads up, this is all my personal advice that works for me. By no means is this the only […]


Budgeting Like A Boss

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70-200mm F/4 The cheaper version of the 70-200 models, stunning focus, wonderful for ceremony close ups! 100mm 2.8 I only use this for ring shots and earring close ups! Best when used at f/3.5 so you make sure the ring is crystal clear! 24-70mm 2.8 Not used anymore now that I have the 16-35mm. But […]


Lenses I use for a wedding day!

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Hi friends!! Ready to get risky? Okay not in that way.. sheesh So! This is a huge topic in the entrepreneur community right now, and it applies to non-business owners too! Taking the leap of faith, taking scary risks, challenging yourself. Why it’s SO important! I also adore this topic because it’s really reeling you […]


Why Taking Risks, Helps Us Find Our Passions

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What is a Business Burnout? When you become unmotivated and unproductive in all things related to your business! Even if you love your job, your products, your clients, this can still happen. Being to involved in your business can hurt you. In business we have highs and lows. A lot of people don’t realize the […]


How To Avoid a Business Burnout | 4 Tips

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Write down everything Lists, goals, meetings, work schedule, to do’s, budgeting, bills, etc. This is what planners are for! Use it to it’s fullest potential!! More you write down the less you could possibly forget! Personally, what I always forget is days I planned to hang out with friends! So I always make sure even […]


Top 4 Planner Tips!

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Because I am awesome. Totally kidding. It used to take me DAYS and WEEKS to deliver a gallery, especially a wedding! Weddings used to scare the crap out of me, but now? I deliver a wedding gallery to my clients on their HONEYMOON. And other sessions? The next MORNING. How? I’ll tell you! Before I […]


How + Why My Turnaround Time is 1-2 Days

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