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Hi friends!! Ready to get risky? Okay not in that way.. sheesh So! This is a huge topic in the entrepreneur community right now, and it applies to non-business owners too! Taking the leap of faith, taking scary risks, challenging yourself. Why it’s SO important! I also adore this topic because it’s really reeling you […]


Why Taking Risks, Helps Us Find Our Passions

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What is a Business Burnout? When you become unmotivated and unproductive in all things related to your business! Even if you love your job, your products, your clients, this can still happen. Being to involved in your business can hurt you. In business we have highs and lows. A lot of people don’t realize the […]


How To Avoid a Business Burnout | 4 Tips

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I know it’s rough trying to do a million things at once! And in 2017 the only way to be ahead IS by doing a million things at once. But there are ways to balance! You just have to sit down, and find your groove. Own a planner + have a budget Something that literally […]


Balancing Life + Business | 3 tips

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Woohoo! First officially series post! Fake it until you make it? NO. Until you BECOME it! Faking your confidence can positively influence your brain chemistry and change your life. We ALL get into blah moods where literally nothing is possible, even getting out of bed lol Guess what? That’s ok! It’s totally fine to be […]


Fake it till you BECOME it. | Blog Series

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HEY! Thank you for reading this! I’m creating something cool, Which is why there’s four pictures of my face above this. Sorry not sorry. I never want to sell my work, I want to sell me┬áto my clients/followers. I’m Chicka Artistica and I’m starting a blog series! So, I was sitting at work this morning […]


Falling In Love With Yourself Isn’t Selfish

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