Say hello to Chicka & Co. 2.0!
This is my new baby, I bought her November 2018 and we've been working on her ever since! Trevor and his grandfather have been AMAZING with making my vision into a reality.

Chicka & Co. is my online clothing company I started in 2015, we've been growing quick and I wanted a new chapter. Storefronts are amazing but way too expensive + how do I go see my chickas outside of Delaware? Then it hit me...a mobile boutique! But you know me, I have to stand out. So I got this 1960's Airsteam ah! It's still in the works but I am so happy to be sharing this new project so you can follow along! I think seeing the nitty gritty of entrepreneurship is so important! So, here's to a big leap.




mobile boutique

I had to share this video to truly show how far we've come building this lol and YES there was RAT POOP haha

What does this mean for Chicka? Well no worries nothing is being shut down! My online store will continue! Photography is still so important to me, but I'm doing it now more for the clothing side! 

As for the Airstream. I'll be hosting a big soft-launch party when she's done in the fall for a ribbon cutting! What I hope to achieve is becoming full-time for Chicka & Co. + traveling with the new mobile boutique to different big and small events in the U.S! I'll also have a brand new area to do livestreams, BTS, and more! 

I am so excited!

Follow the journey on Insta @chickaandco


Big Goals