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  Remember these gorgeous people?! We did another engagement session for them! I included both for this post, I cannot WAIT for their wedding this summer ah!!


Kassandra + Elias Engagement | 2 is better than one!

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“Work smarter not harder” DISAGREE For years I lived by this and thought it was the answer to everything but honestly it’s just me being fricking lazy That quote isn’t a quote, it’s an excuse. If you strive for success you need to grind You need to put blood, sweat, and tears into your passions […]


Work Smarter AND Harder

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About Nazanin, “Growing up in a Persian family, tea is central to our interactions. I’ve always associated tea with connecting people. Tea quickly became a ritual for me and an important part of my life. In the short time it takes to prepare tea, so much can be accomplished internally. To me, tea is a […]


Tea Thoughts | Meet the owner!

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Hey guys! I know we all have our own New Year Res’ but I wanted to share some things I’ve been doing differently that I ADORE! Maybe it’ll help you or give you new ideas (: 1. Eating more fruits and vegetables + drinking tea I’m not necessarily eating HEALTHY haha I do love that […]


Healthy Habits of 2016

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Hey! So I thought I’d do a blog for any girl who wants some extra tips on how to keep your hair healthy and full of volume! One thing I didn’t include in this was that I also use a coconut milk shampoo that is also friendly to colored hair (: I highly recommend either […]


Favorite Hair Products!

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Oh friends! Sunday’s chilly morning sweetheart session was so lovely! Zach + Rachel are good friends of mine and I always have such a blast photographing them! While shooting, it started snowing! It was a dream! I love how it looks in these photos!      


Rachel + Zach sweetheart session| Killens Pond DE

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Wow I can’t believe we’re almost a month into the new year already! I wanted to step back and share 2015’s best portraits! I loved every single session I photographed last year, met some AMAZING young women! I can’t wait to see what this year brings to Chicka Artistica, thank you to all these ladies […]


Best portraits of 2015

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I recently vacationed to Florida and visited the happiest place on earth (in my opinion). Now before this vacation I was struggling with truly being passionate about photography, I just felt as if I was in a funk, I felt noncreative, uninspired, and just plain unhappy. I NEEDED this vacation, I needed the 85 degrees, […]


Florida Recap| Regaining My Passion

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    Guess who’s FINALLY doing a “What’s in my bag” !! Yay! Here’s everything I keep! Full descriptions in the video below! 24-70mm 2.8L (Meghan’s “Go to”)   5omm 1.4 (The “This does it all!”) 85mm 1.4 (Portrait lens) 100mm MACRO lens (details!) 430EXll flash + Ring light (amazon) Amazon organizing pouch: My Passport […]


What’s in my camera bag? | Go to lenses

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