Long time no talk guys! I am so hype to be writing again. I want my 2020 to be creative not busy!

Last November-so a little over a year ago I decided I shouldn’t keep everything on one Instagram. It was a tough decision, but it made a lot of sense selling products and having an entire other brand needed to be separate. As of today, the new Instagram has 200 posts and over 5,000 followers!

Here’s how I did it.


Since I already had a main account with about 10k followers (which took way over a year to get) I made multiple announcements letting people know of the new Instagram! This was especially important to those following solely for my clothes!

If you only have one account this still applies, use your other platforms like Facebook to constantly let others know you have an Instagram.


A common way to gain followers are giveaways. There’s a right way and a wrong way!


  • Too many giveaways.
  • Loop giveaways where you have to go to 10+ profiles to locate the same posts to comment on.
  • Doing a giveaway just to gain more followers not giving back.
  • Too many rules on how to enter.
  • Crappy products.
  • Winner announced weeks later.


  • Giveaways spread out.
  • Collaborating with good brands or influencers.
  • 2-3 ways to enter.
  • Unique and fun products.
  • Having a theme.
  • Winner announced within a week.

Showing what I offer immediately

You want the first 6-9 squares to always show what you offer! Those squares could be why or why not someone follows you. I made sure I was sharing aesthetic and professional content of the products I was selling. Along with linking my store so they can shop from Instagram.

Posting graphics in between photos

This can be overdone but people really enjoy words! Just look at Pinterest. So having graphic content that #1 is interesting to read (Along with a good caption) #2 It matching your branding so it flows.

Behind the Scenes

Even your customers love knowing how you do it! Sharing real life, candid, and iphone photos are so important for your profile. It makes you relatable and more human rather then a business selling something.

Tags and Collaborations

This was a big one for me! I worked with a lot of influencers and businesses who had big followings that came my way. And in some cases your actually customers have big following or even if not they’re tagging you and giving you free marketing!

Insta Stories & Ads

Instagram stories reach more people than posts. They can show up on a feed even if someone isn’t following you! It’s really important to constantly be posting stories, tagging location, and using hashtags to bring people in. Your followers exist they just may not know you do!

Ads weren’t a big thing for me, but I definitely invested in some which drew people my way. Using Facebook ads actually bleeds into Instagram feed!  

The list goes on and on, but these are the main ways I grew my audience and I noticed my activity was way higher on this new profile than my bigger one!


5k in a Year




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