Hi again! I am super stoked to be doing a quick blog on makeup! The past year has been a big leap in my business, and with big leaps comes big investments. Due to that I decided to pretty much, completely switch to all drug store makeup! (minus a few things I can’t let go lol) I’ll post a video using it all asap! Enjoy!

Spray and Primer

Pacifica Spray

Master Prime





I adore this brow pencil I found, it takes so long to run out! But still like filling in with an Anastasia Medium Brown powder, you can also simply use brown eyeshadow!



True Match

Real Techniques 

This is a makeup post but I HAD to share the brush I use now instead of a beauty blender! I feel like I was being cheated because ever since I switched I have 0 streaks in my foundation! + I have been trying a lot of liquid foundations and saw a professional photog share that all her clients use this one and I LOVE it. I feel the shade range is also super accurate.



Fit me concealer  

I love me some shape tape concealer, but at $27, no thanks lol This is my favorite drugstore! I also love makeup revolution concealer but I noticed it runs out super fast.



I use this to bake! I leave it on while I do eyeshadow. Smells awesome! P.S. You’ll find it in the nail section at Walgreens.


Setting powder

Fit Me Powder 



Nubian Palette

Eyeshadow I never use drugstore it just never blends well. + I have an eyeshadow addiction lol I have so many palettes. From Jeffree Star to Jaclyn Hill, but lately these are my go-to!


ANY natural too faced palette!


Chocolate Bronzer

Butter Bronzer

Being super pale, splurging on Too Faced bronzer is a must, not only does it smell like chocolate, but it’s the perfect shade of brown whether I’m pale or tan! If you can’t afford it I linked an alternate!


Milani Luminoso 

As recommended by Jaclyn Hill, THIS. The prettiest shade for blush “Luminoso”

Eye Liner

Pixie Liner 

This runs out QUICK, because of how good it is…weird but trust me. but don’t throw it out! Buy an eyeliner sharpener, it is the most intense pigment. I love it! I get brown!


Loreal Voluminous Lash Paradise 

Cheap “Better Than Sex” Mascara


Makeup Revolution 

Wet N Wild


Milani Liner

Shade 04! “All Natural”

Beige Babe Lipstick

Ultra Nude

Stay Glossy




Go-To (Drugstore) Makeup




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