Hey gals! Ever since I started my clothing company I have realized just how important visual content is! From hiring a graphic designer to learning specific editing to make the brand pop, pictures truly do sell products. I made over $100 in 30min after posting one good pic in a shirt I’m selling that I took on my PHONE. So I want to show you how! Let’s do this.




Advanced Editing

This photo was taken on my DSLR camera and I used wifi to send it to my phone! The app to do that is called “Camera Connect” by Cannon. Highly recommend. Since it was a more advanced shot rather than from my phone, I brought it into the Lightroom app. I only just started using this app and man is it a game changer! I obviously use LR on my computer as a photographer but I avoided it on the phone because I didn’t think it would work. Well, it DOES.


It has everything. I specifically use it for your basics: Sharpening, Highlights, Shadows, Warmth, Saturation, Vibrance, etc. Once done that I bring it into other apps for “filtering” and design!



Oh man. This app is the sh*t. I have a VERY specific style I like for Instagram. I live for 70’s vibes and this app does it all. My favorite part of this app is grain. It is so hard to find an app that does proper film grain! Check it out.

The image above was solely edited with VSCO. I loved it so much I saved a preset! YES YOU CAN DO THAT.

Another plus to the app is if you pay for it (not much $) you can edit videos. um what. being able to edit my insta stories to look like the image above is a game changer for any business! Worth the extra cost!

here’s some more VSCO edits.



This is an amazing filter app! I don’t use it for editing, just for a pop to my photos. Here’s some examples!


I paid I think $5-10 within this app because I wanted a BUNCH of filters but the free ones are just as good! They also have cute overlays like lens flares, starts, color fades, etc. My most used pack is “Fawn”






















YAY. This one is a huge must. This is what I use to add filmy vibes and light-leaks! Adding tiny touches really help an image, especially if it’s of objects like a flat-lay or holding a coffee cup.

























  • Camera+ I use this to mirror my images, not a lot of apps have that.
  • Facetune lol duh
  • StoryArt and Unfold Insta story templates
  • 8mm filmy videos
  • Word Swag to make quotes 


I hope this helps! Comment if you have any fav apps I didn’t mention!! Shop the cute shirts I was wearing here!



How I edit for Instagram…on my phone!




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