Hey gals! Happy Feb! The month of loveeee.

I have so much to talk about. So many trends for spring we’re noticing so keep scrolling!


Quote of the month:



Building my empire ✓

I figured this was a good month for that haha, it’s very true. Whether you are single or taken-any gal working on her dream is BUSY.

Chicka Reps! Yay! We recently announced our new team of gals! Be sure to follow them to see all their cute posts about Chicka & C0. Info on my Instas!



  • Snake Skin print
  • Boho Jewelry – So much of this for launch!
  • Leather Jackets, always a must.
  • Bag-waist pants
  • Jumpsuits & Rompers, I’m noticing dresses aren’t a huge trend which I love because pants rock lol
  • Fall colors but pastel – loving it
  • Patterns AND simple. I love seeing for example crazy patterned pants and then a simple one-color top or vise versa!



Oh yes, merch is happening…THIS WEEK. I’m hoping it launches on Galentine’s Day! Yes… you readthat right. We have hats, mugs, prints, sweatshirts, hoodies, t-shirts, pillows, and it is all under $33 FREE shipping.


And be on the look out for peeks, we are shooting the spring line Feb 16-17 & trying to launch Feb 23rd!! Plus even after will be launching new items!

Stay Rad!



February CHICKA Magazine




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