These blogs are so hard to write #1 because I don’t want to be braggy lol #2 I hate writing #3 I have a terrible memory #4 you get it

Choosing goals and a word of the year is so beneficial for anyone. I highly encourage doing so, you’d be amazed out how God can talk to you through something as simple as choosing a word.

This year has been impactful…(Impact was my word of the year) 😉 2017 I decided to flourish, mentally and just in general get my life together lol because if you aren’t okay, nothing else can be. So by this year I was ready to do all the things and wanted it to be a year of hustle, doing the dirty work to prep for a hopefully prosperous next 5 years! I feel I truly did that and will continue to but here are my personal milestones this year and a little bit about them!

This is also a really cool way to remember each year, like a digital scrapbook – check out last year’s

We shot 20 weddings

I looked back at my 2017 recap and it said “I did 7 weddings!” oh my goodnesses, isn’t crazy how only a year difference you can feel like that version of you, was so little? I will say 20 was A LOT, we’re only doing 15 this new year and possibly only 10 in 2020! But photographing that many love stories was insanely amazing, I adore my job and hope to travel outside of DELMARVA area more! Shout out to my boyfriend, Trevor, for 2nd shooting! I love all you 2018 couples so much!



I got an award!

I got this super cool Couple’s Choice Award for having a 5 star review the whole year.


I launched a new service

Another passion of mine is collaborating, I have ALWAYS worked with other businesses like boutiques, online shops, other entrepreneurs, etc. I adore not “mentoring” but just giving a gal that extra push to help her launch a dream! So I started Chicka Collabs, they are one or two hour meetups + headshots with me over coffee! I have helped bloggers, nutritionists, photographers, makeup artists. It’s just been the best idea ever and it’s only going to grow 2019! Book yours here


I created a new website in 3 days…

Okay, most people know I have 0 self-control. I am all in the moment all the time. (Which is why dating Trevor is great he keeps me grounded) but I randomly hated my whole brand. I wanted to approach it differently and make Chicka Artistica one giant thing. So I created an entirely new one, it’s a working progress but I love it.



We got a puppy!

Trevor has 0 control when it comes to animals, and randomly got this cutie, her name is Luna. I kind of hate the name now that I realized everyone on earth also named their dog Luna…but whatever. She is insane, but adorable.


She hates photos *eye roll*


I offered ANOTHER service 

I got an ipad for…jk I bought it for myself I just remembered because as stated before…I have no control. But this time it paid off.

I started drawing on it and decided to offer Instagram Icons. Just little, custom doodles. Needless to say it like blew up and I hit almost 3k in sales on them in a month. So that was crazy. I don’t market them anymore now that I’m busy BUT they are on my website if you want any!

I went to Disney on my own! + shot an engagement session in FL

I’ve always wanted to do this, so I did. I met up with an Instagram friend and it was so cool! (Follow her @Emilywalkerphotography) Not to mention met my 2019 FL couple there for their engagement pics! It was a really healthy trip for me to be alone and gather ideas for the upcoming seasons.


I started shooting sessions in-home! 

Ever since I started photography I have dreaded inside images, hated them. So I forced myself to do them and now I can’t get enough! They are super intimate and fun plus my clients love it!

Tip: make yourself do things you’re scared of.



I met my internet besties. ALL OF THEM.

I got to go the The Gathering again and died of happiness. Look at all these boss ladies.



Invested in headshots from Janelle Purtrich my fav photog!

A good self-care tip is getting portraits done, I look back on these SO often.



Hit 9k on Instagram! 

I’m hoping to hit 10k in January so hop on over to and help out! 🙂


Had my most successful launch in Chicka & Co

This was insane. we got so many orders I cried lol Thank you for all your constant support chickas! If you don’t know I own a clothing company!


I created a VIC Facebook group!

This was a big step in the company, it’s a new way of getting closer to our chickas!



Launched Chicka Boxes

I saw a trend, I did the trend. These are super cool boxes foe entrepreneur gals! Get yours here


Spoke at my High School again!

I had a complete meltdown beforehand because it’s terrifying but I’m glad I went, I love chatting with teens about business!


I hired an intern!

I did a whole blog on this here she is bomb. I realized I need more help in order to thrive, so we have a lot of new chickas on the team!



Turned 21 and Trevor took me to Chincoteague! 

Trevor surprised me with a weekend trip to Chincoteague, what a sweetie.


Celebrated 6 years <3



Got a new LLC and Retailer’s Permit!

New things in the works 🙂



And lastly, was unapologetically me & my word of the year

I kept to my own thing and hustled hard, I hope you take 2019 by storm! 2019 is full of giant projects and choosing faith over fear. My word for this year is…




2018 Recap! + My word of the year




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