This year I’ve learned so much in my photography business! I wanted to share some tips from my experience on how to avoid nitpicky clients…and yes a family member can be this.


A nitpicky client:

– Finds issues with your service and/or work

– Is overly critical

– Makes you feel in the wrong (when you aren’t)

– Doesn’t respect that this is your career

– Makes you not like your job





  1. Know your worth & FAQ

Before sharing the business side of the tips, I want to remind you to know your worth. You created this business, not them. Do not let anyone make you think less of that. Stay strong!

Having a small FAQ tab on your website can filter out any unwanted clients!


“Can I get unedited images?”

Believe it or not even in 2018 people want that. Having that question pre-answered in your website avoids a person asking you that face to face and just avoids you getting someone like that period haha


  1. Have a contract

For big things, such as weddings, I have a contract that covers me in any scenario. We obviously want to believe our clients have our backs and would never go against us but you’d be surprised. You must protect yourself! This legal document should cover exactly what they should expect from you, what you expect of them, and situations that could occur. This allows you to breathe and not stress about what could go wrong. Things happen, and you need to be ready for that.

I suggest having a contract for sessions, interns, minis, model release, etc. even if it’s a small paragraph! There are websites you can buy contracts from, or ask a fellow photog for theirs to go off of!

If you need a wedding contract to go off of email me


  1. Have Insurance

I use HISCOX to insure my photography company as well as LEGAL SHIELD. This protects, not only my business and equipment, but me as a person. In the case of a client or past client suing you and winning. They are only able to go as far as your business NOT you personally (your car, home, etc.)

Paying $40-100 a month extra is annoying I know, but definitely worth it.


  1. Pricing & Description

A big way to avoid bad clients is them not being able to afford you. I mean this in a nice way. If you set your prices to your worth, you won’t even get clients like this! You’ll only get the best of the best who love and respect you/your work. When I first started my prices were low and I totally got awesome clients don’t get me wrong, but I did stress a lot more and got some not-so-nice people here and there.


Having your packages on your website along with a description of what they receive (EX 30min, $150, 20-30 images) you avoid an email later wondering where more pictures are at or why you didn’t shoot longer. This goes with travel too! Be sure to add “Will travel up to 1hr” whatever it is for you so you don’t get taken advantage. It’s okay to be picky yourself, you don’t have to be everyone’s photographer. You deserve dream clients!


I hope this mini blog helps someone out there avoid a bad situation!


Avoiding Nitpicky Clients




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