Okay real quick, throw back to the last Gathering Event! It’s grown so much!

So I decided to go again to The Gathering Event, not only because it’s great information for my business but to also meet my favorite people EVER! Instead of a big novel about the trip I’ll be sharing on different images on how it went!

We headed to Stevenson Ridge bright and early and made our way to THIS

(Detail photos by Hope Taylor, re-edited by me)


When we got there, I can’t even count how many hugs I gave lol! I was OBSESSED, with every single gal I met. I’m talking my best friends ever through social media, getting to see them in person = mind blown. Here’s just a few selfies!


We decided to stay at an airbnb another 2 days to make it extra worth it! How cute??


Then went a little adventuring in Alexandria, VA

This is the group I got to stay with! <3


Of coarse I did headshots of my gals


Also got some of my own!! Thank you Danielle & Lydia!

Thought I’d end this blog with what I call “The Pooper Pose” LOL I don’t know what’s happening here. Needless to say it was a trip I will never EVER forget. Thank you Hope and Caroline for doing this event, you have no idea how much it means to all of us no matter what our ages or what we are all pursing, it’s the best event ever.


The Gathering 2.0




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