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I wanted to do a brief recap of my vacation to FL! I decided a few months ago to go take a solo trip after 10 straight weddings. Luckily I met an amazing gal (Emily) who said I could hang with her! We did everything from Disney, to St. Augustine. I even was able to meet up with a 2019 couple for their engagement session!



What I learned from taking a me-cation 🌴

You learn a lot about your schedule and notice things you do every day that may not be necessary! Going to Disney the majority of the time I realized having a few good pairs of clothes is all you really need. I should stop shopping 😉
Even if you announce you’ll be gone people still will constantly contact you for things but it’s okay to ignore it until you return! Waiting doesn’t mean you’re losing any business.

You appreciate chill days. I’m so ready to sit in my room in pjs for the next week.
You appreciate your loved ones more, boy do I miss my fam and boyfriend, I don’t know how some of you do college out of state! 👨‍👩‍👧
You gather ideas you may not have had before.

Being in a new area or even taking a local vacation may be exactly what you need to clear your head. 1,3,10 days it doesn’t matter, anything will benefit you! Be on the look out for Emily’s portrait blog! Overall I just enjoyed my stay, didn’t document much, but here is a few favs!







St. augustine, FL

Portraits by Emily Walker Photography



Disney Vacay | Florida Trip




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