First off, if you feel that you have problems with growing your mind, I want you to know this entire challenge you’re doing is in fact doing just that! You were so determined to make yourself better and be happy in life that you are doing a challenge every single day to better yourself, and that my friend is amazing in itself.

We’re going to talk about two topics that are completely opposite of each other today. Stress and resting. I myself can be a workaholic sometimes, the reason I am is not only am I obsessed with working and love the hustle. But by working hard-whether it’s staying up until 2 AM editing or writing this blog to you, it gives me validation that I have my crap together and coming from someone who has anxiety I love nothing more than being validated that I am doing a good job. So by constantly staying busy, I feel “complete”


Being a workaholic means that you feel compelled to work-so it’s not a good term!

Our bodies can have a negative-physical response to an emotional problem. If you feel like you’re getting sick a lot or you have migraines or getting anxiety it may be because of stress and just working too hard. Scratch that. It IS because of stress and working too hard.

We have to learn to let go sometimes and realize that less is more. It would make more sense for you to work less but create good quality content (and a good quality life in general)! Instead of working your a** off, getting sick constantly, and not even being happy with what you’re producing/creating. I know it’s not possibly to just drop everything and stop working hard. I get it. But if you care about yourself at all you’ll make time. 

Can you do anything? Yes. But can you do everything? No.

I ask you today to stop being so hard on yourself. Try doing nothing. Believe it or not the world will continue spinning if you stop working for one moment.

Being honest with yourself

My biggest success by far in the past three years has been learning how to rest and being humble enough to seek help from others to better my physical and mental health. Last year I spent a few months doing therapy in-person, and shortly afterwards I switch to another form of therapy via a phone app (due to being too busy to meet someone in-person) Both were extremely helpful to me and I realized that I seriously worked insanely hard.

The reactions I got from two different therapist when I would talking about all the things I do every day. Having a photography company that’s full-time, having a clothing company that’s full time, managing my social medias, managing my blog, managing living at home helping with my siblings, bills, and maintaining a steady six-year relationship. Just all the things they were literally like how are you still functioning. 

I wasn’t.

The way I work is my normal and to other people it might be insane. Just like when I look at a nurses’ schedule, I think that’s insane but that is their normal. We all have different ways that we handle both stress and work but all in all you really need to sit down and figure out how you’re going to rest this summer.


Resting is as simple as it sounds. Take a break! Off social media or off work, go out with your friends or just sit for a whole day and watch Netflix (that sounds great to me)

The first step in working better towards those goals you made, is learning to REST in between the hustle.

You know what I work so hard and loveeee this crazy career? Because it gives me so much freedom to rest! I’m finishing writing this at 9AM on a Tuesday and the only thing on my to-do list today is get my nails done. Because I CAN and made time!

Here are some things that can help:


  • Making a list of priorities

Literally write down what matters to you. It’ll help knowing this whether it’s a job you love or going to the gym, because you’ll know what to make time for and what is fun work VS busy work.

  • The fun hustle

As stated above there is such a thing as fun work! EX: I have been spending hours creating this challenge and that’s okay because it’s fun work to me! If you love the job you’re in, sure you have bad days, but overall it’s fun right?? This also applies to fun hobbies, so making time to go to the gym, cook more, painting, tidying up the house. Fun hustling=good

  • Seeking extra help

Like how you are reading this blog! Maybe you’ve been on the fence about going to therapy or getting meds or just venting to your friend. It’s okay to not be okay! Maybe you don’t need extra help. Maybe you just need a frickin day off! DO IT. Make time for you, don’t look back at your life in 20 years and go “Man, I wish I put myself first more.”

  • books, blogs, and podcasts

Back to growing your mind, these are my favorite things ever!


Make it Happen | Lara Casey

A Simplified Life | Emily Ley

Grace Over Perfection | Emily Ley

You Are a Bad Ass | Jen Sincero

Girl Wash Your Face | Rachel Hollis

Big Magic | Elizabeth Gilbert

Crushing It | Gary Vee

Bible | She Reads Truth



Goal Digger Podcast | Jenna Kutcher

The Gary Vee Audio Experience




Here’s a download to help:





Growing | #Chickachallenge Day 3




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