You worked so hard clearing all the unwanted and unneeded clutter! Now it’s time to benefit and create goals!

Let’s start with some tips!

  • Small is better!

No one gets anywhere creating goals that are too big! You need to be realistic with yourself, even if it stings a little. Narrow it down to 3, doable goals (Worksheet at the end of this blog! Hang tight!)

  • Don’t take on too much!

Goals are so so important but so is your health! Do not say yes to everything + add all these goals to your long to do list! Really look at your life and figure out #1 What works #2 What you really want.

  • Humility

My worst enemy. JK. but seriously this can be hard! We live in 2 opposite worlds sometimes, society telling us we suck and society telling us to go for it and do all the things! It can be quite confusing. So it’s important to be humble with ourselves, confident yes. Humble and honest double yes.

It takes 30 days to create a habit. So, that means if you are positive and stay to your word for these goals, they WILL happen.

Stop breaking your own promises.

Let me ask you something. Would you flake on a friend constantly? Then stop. flaking. on. yourself.

Make the promise and keep it! Do not quit.

Let’s talk about fear, fearing your goals.

“Well, yes, it probably has been done. Most things have already been done-but they haven’t been done by YOU.” – Elizabeth Gilbert | Big Magic


This is a big fear for a lot of people. Being the same. Doing the same. Trendy. Overdone. Boring.

Look it’s 2018, everything is done (being exaggerative) it’s okay! You can do it better!

Want to sell clothes like me? DO IT.

Want to photograph weddings? DO IT.

Want to create a 5 day challenge? DO IT. (Just don’t call it chicka challenge, that’s mine)

Stop making dumb excuses.


This quote in the book “Make it Happen” changed my LIFE.

We’re so scared of failing that we don’t even try to succeed! Stop doing that! It’s time to ignore failure and do everything we can to succeed. We mess up? Great, then we know what not to do! Because guess what?

Your dream doesn’t have an expiration date.


Download your free goal WB! And fill it out, do something today that gets you closer to those goals!

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