Woohoo! Chicka Challenge Day One!

Starting Fresh, Decluttering

We can’t move forward with clutter! So let’s knock out all the bad stuff!

Mental Clutter/Self Care

  • No more negative vibes
  • Set two goals you want to achieve during this challenge
  • No complaints all today
  • Stop comparing
  • Be yourself this entire week, unapologetically
  • Unfollow people who don’t inspire you


Physical Clutter/Creative Space

  • Get rid of crap you don’t use! (Knick knacks, random papers, clothes, even furniture)
  • Box for important things (cards, movie tickets, pictures, etc.)
  • Find your creative space! EX: desk, porch, kitchen, spare room, even if you just love writing in pjs in bed, whatever works!
  • Make the creative space yours! Design it, make it cozy, use it!


Digital Clutter 

I feel like this is harder than even mental clutter because social media and electronics in general consume a lot of us! So let’s tackle it!

  • No social media before 11am! It’s really not necessary, enjoy in-person things.
  • Clean that inbox! Sort emails you can’t delete into folders
  • Unsubscribe to unwanted emails
  • Delete spam
  • Clean/sort desktop! No stranded pictures and files, put into a hard drive or folders.
  • Sort phone apps into categories
  • A phone-free evening with your family or significant other!


Do we feel better even thinking about doing this?? I know I do!

If you feel a little overwhelmed heres a free download to help! 



Starting Fresh! | #ChickaChallenge Day 1




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