A business is your specific service/product

A brand is YOU. Your ideas, dreams, personality, and mission!

Multiple passions? Great!

The benefits of creating one big brand:

Creative freedom

Multiple forms of income

More connections and collaboration opportunities 

A larger variety of clientele and “fans”

More fun!


Now I’m not talking like combining being a vet and making pottery haha. We are talking about creating businesses/entrepreneurship etc. Why keep things so separate? Multiple Instagrams, Facebook pages, more than 2 websites, all this can cause a burnout! So what exactly do I mean by combining? Let’s use my brand as an example!


As shown above, having the branding I’m able to have branches of multiple incomes! In other words you aren’t limited. You are in full creative control!

Remember, you can’t do everything. Narrow down your main passions. What is doable?


  • Ask others what words describe you/your brand (If you notice words that you don’t like, then you know you have some changing to do)
  • Mood board! This is always a fun idea!
  • What is your dream work day? Taking this question seriously can really show you what your path should be.

Ready to take full control? AWESOME!

Need extra help? Check out Collabs



Combining Passions into a Brand




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