YES! I’m so glad you’re here, not only are we talking about client experience, we are talking about your own experience in your business! How to make it literally a dream.

This topic can be scary if you are a beginner and/or if you have been in business for awhile but times are tight. I get it! But a small time of being uneasy can equal a lifetime of success! I think that’s worth it, don’t you?

First let me ask you this…do you know your worth?

No matter if you are a beginner or professional in your field, you are worth the time and the money! I see the mistake a lot of people make when they start a business is they give way too much away! Either for free or just over book themselves solely because they think they have to. Well you don’t!

If only taking in a lot of clients is bringing in your stable income, you need to raise your prices.

ah raising prices is scary! I know!! But here’s the deal. When you set pricing according to YOUR life, expenses, time, etc. you are then able to take in less clients but make a better income.

What should be taken into account?

When it comes to creating prices you need to keep in mind that everything must be accounted for before you are actually profiting. Even time itself counts as $$$. So whether it’s a product or service you still need to be sure you are charging your worth. And sometimes when we do charge our worth, we don’t see the clients coming in. Do you know why? Because you are not attracting your ideal clients!

It’s your dream job and your dream clients deserve only the best experience

Here’s what happens when you don’t know your worth.

You take on way too many clients or have way too many people buying a product that is under-priced. So you are working your butt off for literally just to pay the bills. No free money and no fun. Worst of all? You burnout. NOOOO!!

You end up being 50% there for your many clients, when every clients should have your 100% right? By taking in less and only the best…which comes along with having correctly set prices…you then get your ideal clients! They will come, they will know your worth, and you will be able to give the your best.


less burnout = more creating

Imagine this picture:

You are being paid your worth + more, you have the most amazing clients who only treat you with respect and love, you have the best time everyday at work, and you always feel refreshed and ready for new ideas.

How great does that sound? And guess what, it’s not hard to achieve!

To Do’s :
  • Re-think your packages and prices
  • Figure out what your ideal client is, and design your brand around them and your personality¬†
  • Calculate how much it actually cost to run your business (ALL OF IT)
  • What does your dream work day look like? Figure out how to get to that!
  • Know your worth.


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Taking In Less & Only the Best




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