Say hi to our newest project! A box made for gal-hustlers! 

We have so many ideas for future boxes but decided to create an awesome starter-box designed around Meghan’s personality!

What’s Included?

  • “Hustler” Mug by Simple Sentimental
  •  “Write Down All The Things” Notebook by The AnastasiaCo
  • “Coffee Because Adulting Is Hard” Unisex Medium by Ansleigh Grace Designs
  • #Girlboss paperback book
  • 20% off coupon to Chicka & Co. !
  • 20% off coupon to The Loocke Boutique!
  • Exclusive Chicka & Co Sticker
  • One-of-a-kind Popsocket !!!
  • A Mystery Item
  • & The box itself! It will be shipped within another box so you can keep it!

And best of all, you would be supporting SIX small businesses run by women! How awesome!

LAUNCHES 3/16/18 $50 FREE SHIPPING found here:

Take charge, hustle hard, and get yourself this box as a reminder that you CAN achieve anything!


Chicka Box




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