So there are 2 reasons I’m writing this blog.

#1 It was voted on by YOU

#2 I am noticing A LOT of photographers/business owners in general getting taken advantage of by not only their own clients but the public in general! Craziness.

Customer Service

Before we discuss your worth, let’s chat about the customer/client

Once a consumer contacts you, you must display kindness + your personality. Think of any messaging back and forth as a sales-pitch. So you obviously need to be your best self.  I encourage you to have prewritten emails/responses. It becomes hard to maintain a positive vibe to clients and potential clients when you are answering 10+ emails and messages daily or even hourly. Unfortunately we can’t all afford an assistant to do this for us. Figure out your most said responses and have them saved in a word document or if you use the system HoneyBook it’s automatically saved there.

EX: For wedding photography I get literally hundreds of questions from brides, and no matter how silly some of them are, it’s my responsibility to respond kindly and informatively. Therefore I have not only pre-written responses but also a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) tab on my website to send them too!

EX of a silly question you shouldn’t have to answer: Can I have all the pictures you take unedited? *Face palm* 

You just take a deep breath and send them to FAQ page haha

Here’s mine!

Policies + Contracts

I only have one contract and it’s for my weddings! Weddings are very very intense as you can imagine so I have my butt covered in that area-not to mention insurance for it too! My contract I did not pay for or write myself, I reached out to some photographers and they graciously gave me theirs! Don’t be afraid to ask, including me! 🙂

Policies I think of as your basic no’s and rules overall in your business. Things that in a situation where a client or customer tries to say “I’m allowed a refund after 6 months” or “Why did I only get 30 images”

You’re then able to refer back to your policies and package descriptions to say actually no you don’t have that right.

If you have a service you’re offering your packages should have a description of what’s includes + the price or starting price!


The Customer’s Always Right?


Don’t ever forget that it’s your business and your rules. By having these simple things, it not only protects you but gives you the respect you deserve. The consumer is a wonderful person! But there will be times that you get rude or mean ones, don’t let it get to you! I hope this mini blog helps you realize your potential and worth. Just because they’re hiring you doesn’t mean they can walk all over you. By having information that reflects your worth you only get amazing clients.





Knowing Your Worth // In Business




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