Hopefully the title doesn’t sound selfish, I love writing this down every year! It’s great to see what you’ve done, I encourage you to do the same! For my last year’s accomplishments check out http://chickaartisticaphotography.com/2017/01/03/best-of-2016-lovebirds-weddings-portraits/

A few days ago I got a notebook and wrote down things I’m really proud of that I did this year, I honestly was so shocked at how long the list was. My word for 2017 was “Flourish” and boy did I, to flourish is to basically take care of yourself. You can’t be successful in life, if you aren’t yourself healthy. Right? So I devoted 2017 to really figuring out what was wrong mentally, spiritually, etc. and fix it! I started going to a new church, going to small groups, reading more books, getting my anxiety under control, so many things.


Now here we are about to be 2018, and I couldn’t be more ready. I am truly proud at myself for just pushing through to achieve what I needed for a great new year!

Here’s some of this years highlights:

(keep reading for my new word!)


Never doubt yourself. Ever. You’re capable of so many things, the only things holding you back is you. 

Chicka & Co. was my biggest accomplishment this year! I have 7 amazing women all over the U.S part of the team too!


Maybe your new word needs to be like flourish-you’re looking to heal yourself. Or maybe you need a word like hustle, present, joy.

Ready to hear mine?

Why did I choose this word.

Me: I am ready to use all my hard work from 2017 to now benefit my 2018. I am ready for new projects, new adventures, new people, new milestones. I simply want this year to be my most impactful year yet.

Trevor: Trevor and I are now even a bigger team, we are 5 years together and he’s an official employee of Chicka Artistica, 2nd shooting with me and I am now his marketing manager for his company. We together want to impact our clients with the best experience ever! We also have some milestones in the new year we are excited for!

What’s your word??




2017 Accomplishments + My Word of the Year




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