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We all love planners right? But they can be a little tricky to use properly! I want to share with you how I went from buying random target planners 3-4 times a year to sticking with 2 different planners and totally tackling how I organize my life on paper!

First off here’s what I use:

Cultivate What Matters (Goal Planner)

My Happy Planner (Everyday planner from Michaels)

This isn’t what you have to have, this is just what I prefer after trying dozens of options! I’m going to share what I do in general, tips you can use with any planner/notebook.

All planners have a full month page and then weekdays, if yours doesn’t you need to get one that does! The full month is great to basically summarize when you’re busy, don’t go into detail on this page, think of it as a quick skim to see what’s happening and for further info you look into the weekdays.

As shown above, I purchased another option, which is an entire page for one single day. I don’t do this often, it’s more for when I know a lot is going on!

Tips for month page

Full month page is to summarize only

color-coat with highlighters so at a glance you know what is going on.

(EX: Pink = meeting | Orange = errand)

even if you don’t frequently use this page, still continue to cross-out when a day is completed.

Use the side of the page to write down things you want to do throughout the month but don’t know when yet.

Tips for weekdays

be specific, don’t write down meeting-instead write “Coffee w/ Jane @3pm”

Think of your planner as a journal too, feel free to use it for verses, new ideas, even doodling



By using stickers, I don’t have a planner full of boring, black pen. It’s colorful and it’s organized! I even have coffee stickers to budget out when are good days to get a cup in the A.M.

Coffee is a reward people, not a necessity.

My Happy Planner has dozens of sticker books, each have a theme: from Bible, to organizer, to teacher! A planner is so much more than a planner, it’s your entire year in on book!

There are so many options at Michaels, you HAVE to check it out!

Goal Planner/Notebooks

This may not be necessary for you, but as a business owner, I NEED to have something to organize all my ideas! Whether it’s a goal planner or a few, cute notebooks. You definitley will benefit from taking your ideas seriously!

Traveler’s Notebook

What’s organizing without a little fun right? Having a notebook to fill with memories and random things that pop in your head is great! It also allows you to relax and be creative. (Michaels sells them)





Here’s a page from mine:


I hope this helped you feel motivated to tackle your planner or even go buy one!! I promise you it’ll make your 2018 so much easier.

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