SO excited for this post! I feel as though I’ve been wanting to share this info since my Junior year of High School – when I would hear girls talk about how badly they wanted to move out of Delaware in order to “achieve great things” how dumb is that? You want to move? Go ahead that’s totally fine! I have nothing against with experiencing new things and starting fresh but don’t blame being a small-town gal for why you aren’t successful. That’s just ignorant.

Now as you know if your a normal reader of my blog, I am never ever one to sugarcoat things. If I think something is stupid I’ll tell you! We need more people like this. Stop being easy on yourself and take some responsibility. Let’s do this!

Number one. Being in a small-town/small state is BETTER than living in a big city! For so many reasons. Might I add this doesn’t mean I can’t for example do a wedding in NYC or travel to CA for an opportunity. This is about appreciating where. you. are.

  • Easy to build a clientele
  • You get repeat clients
  • Word of mouth is your main source of marketing
  • You’re noticed when you go out (pretty rad)
  • You build relationships with all your local businesses
  • You can go out and travel but you have a safe “home-base” to come back to


Side-note literally everything listed above = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

I also want to address by no means is this blog bashing anyone who wants to move to LA or move to a big city/country! That is wonderful and we all have paths, this is talking about people who use this as an excuse to run away or not become successful. I am even guilty of doing it!


Let’s go over why you disagree


I know a lot of people have told me that when in a small area it’s easy to be copied and then there’s a bunch of people doing the same thing. This is different from my next topic which goes over competition. What Copy-Cats is referring to are the “wanna-be’s” – people who want to do exactly what you’re doing, solely because they see the success you’re getting, NOT because they have the passion. Which sucks! I get it, but let me address two things to you:

No matter where you go, you will get Copy-Cats


If someone is copying you with this mindset, I guarantee you they will NEVER become competition, so why worry about it? Focus on your own goals.

Competition in small areas

I can’t have an opinion without facts SO I googled Dover, DE Wedding Photographers (let’s not forget all the others like family, portrait, etc.) 70+ just in one city and again that’s only wedding photographers. I notice maybe 3-10 of them. When it comes to selling a service-competition doesn’t exist in my book. If a client chooses a photographer who’s older/younger than me for X amount less money, whom doesn’t have the same style as me….. why would I care? I don’t want clients who don’t want my style, that would defeat the purpose of my business. I’m not selling photography. I am selling ME, my prices, and my style of how I photograph/edit.

Now what if the business who “stole” your clients is basically the same style? Let me just break this down for you

clients you don’t want

  • Chooses the cheapest vendor
  • Wants things a certain way instead of how you do things
  • Don’t appreciate you as a person AND a business owner
  • Judges your age
  • Not your style or personality

EXAMPLE: I book a session and the client sends me Pinterest ideas……………no.


clients you do want

  • Doesn’t question your pricing
  • Doesn’t question how you do your services/run your business
  • Becomes not only a client but a friend who respects you
  • Is similar to your personality/style
  • Comes back! (continues to be a client and customer and markets for you)


I want to tell you that no one is stealing your clients, I’ve had people say “Man aren’t you mad that family chose a different photographer for Christmas this year?” or “Aren’t you upset that bride never emailed you back?” and the answer is no. If a client doesn’t choose you, they aren’t a client you want, they probably go great into the first category above.

Also if you notice another business owner gaining more clients then you, ask yourself why. See if there’s things they’re doing that you aren’t! Be humble and accept change, but never let it crush you.


Now for why it’s amazing!

Town Takeover

Town is a cute way of explaining things, in reality I mean small state, small town, small city, whatever you want.


This might come across crazy, but I’m dead serious. Do you know how easy it is with the right attitude, brand, and goals to takeover an area? Oh my goodness it’s so easy!

Photography is always an example but feel free to use this blog for ANY business.

EXAMPLE: I photographed a wedding a few months ago, let’s see how many clients it got me…

bride and groom are obvious clients, two of the party are past clients and the rest are weddings for 2018 and 2019! SMALL TOWNS ARE GREAT.

easy clientele

Once you get the ball rolling, clients flood in, fast. This is great for when you want to try new services or businesses because you already have your following! When I started selling clothes, 80% of my customers were clients and then they tell their friends, and then those friends buy clothes and wear those clothes to their sessions photographed by me… it’s truly amazing.

Building a clientele is all about marketing, which doesn’t always mean social media! It can be as simple as a more popular student in a High School wearing your shirt or booking a session with you, then becomes a main source of marketing anytime she’s asked where she got it from!

Your clientele doesn’t have to remain in your area, by taking over your town (I don’t mean literally, just by becoming the main vendor that people know and love 🙂 ) you then gain clients from other states!

“town famous”

okay time to be cocky, I have to include this! Who doesn’t like fame? You become known in your area and man is it cool. I may have only 3k followers on instagram… but when I go out to run errands I get “Are you Chicka Artistica?” and that’s success enough for me! lol!

No but seriously, by becoming “town famous” you gain opportunities like working for local boutiques, having radio spots, guesting on podcasts, speaking at your old High School, and so much more. In other words, you get freakin’ NOTICED!

You can’t be big in the world, if you can’t even go big in a small town, am I right or am I right? Think about it.


Wrap up

To summarize what I’m saying, is don’t sell yourself short. You will do big things. But you can’t do great things if you don’t appreciate where you are at this moment. You have to build it, find yourself, earn it. So go get em’



Being Successful in a Small Town




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