I know what you’re thinking. Harsh title. But you clicked on it didn’t you?

It’s time for a wake up call! You have one life to live and you are falling behind because of YOU. Here is why:

Greedy Activity/Bad habits

In other words, doing things for your own pleasure/benefit and not for any purpose. working ONLY to get money is greedy activity.

Bad habits. This can be anything from smoking, partying, drinking, obesity, etc. These things can take over your life in a second.

Useless Tasks

Having dedication to useless tasks is a waste of time! Stop giving all your time and energy into something that has no benefit to you, your life, your finance, etc.

You know what isn’t a waste of time no matter what? LEARNING.

When you want to binge your favorite show? Read, watch educational YouTube videos, podcasts.


Being lazy can easily be 100% why you hate your life. If you aren’t doing anything, nothing gets done. As simple as that.

Be stingy with your time!


Comparing yourself to someone else is a giant waste of time. You don’t have to struggle if you study what others struggle with. The great thing about 2017 and going into 2018, is that people have failed before you. By paying attention to it you can avoid the struggle all together.

Putting time into useless people

Serving others who don’t give back.

Be picky in whom you put your time into. Is this person going to be with you in the long run? Does this person deserve your time? Really be specific when it comes to who you keep in your life and in your close circle. Don’t trust everyone.

Making someone else rich

Just because you are in a 9-5 job doesn’t mean you are doing this. BUT if you aren’t in your dream job or you aren’t happy and working for someone else, then yes! You are doing this!

Do you want to be a photographer but you keep second shooting? Yup that’s doing this.

Do you want to own a restaurant, yet you’re working at one? Same thing.

Here’s the responses I get: “But I need money so I HAVE to work at these jobs.” Look I get it, but there comes a time where you need to just take the risk, get the loan, quit the job.

Going after something with no fixed goal

What is your end game? To not have a fixed goal makes your life pointless.

No commitment = no success

Even if it’s the wrong goal, PICK A GOAL. You can always change your desire, but to have nothing to work for is terrible. By saying “the wrong goal” I mean to not overthink things so much that you never begin. It’s okay to fail.

I want to add: don’t ever work for something that when you get it you’re like “I didn’t really want this.” To work hard for something you don’t really want is an awful way to live. Be specific.

spending your life in organizing your life

Denying present by planning your future. MIC DROP. Are you guilty of spending all your time prepping and planning without actually achieving anything? I know I am! You only need SO many notebooks… just go do the things dang it!

Live immediately, you may not achieve your goal but work towards it always.

What now?

Ask yourself these questions:

What is the end goal? What do you want to be?

What activity is holding you back? (EX: worrying or watching TV)

What area of your life is going to make you more of a philosopher? (activity that will benefit you)



All these points will be found in the book: “On the Shortness of Life” by Seneca





8 Reasons You Hate Your Life




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