I am so happy to make this for you, we’re all in this together right?? I have plenty of shoots as examples too! Not much wording is needed for this but I will say, these are my go-to’s! Which means, after they are put into these posings whatever happens happens! Giggles, hugs, kisses, you name it!

Also kissing isn’t a “pose” if you feel the posing is great for a kiss shot then go “okay smooch!” 🙂

Behind hug

This is a guy favorite because they literally do nothing. haha, It’s super cute and SO EASY. I go for more serious, but smiling works too! If your gal giggles a lot, have her close her eyes and on 3 open them (take the picture)

The Christmas Card Picture

Okay I literally say this name all the time, my client love it lol! Basically, it’s just so cute it should be a Christmas card!

Have them sit down and tell the guy to have at least ONE knee up to lean on. This allows the girl to “cuff” his arm that is up! Make sure heads are closer together for an adorable look!

More examples of Christmas card pose

Walk towards me & don’t trip!

 I say those exact words (for a giggle image of coarse!) It’s really great to get motion in images.

For a more unique look, have the guy’s arm around her and then have them “waffle” (hold hands) and walk!

The go-to staircase pose

I mean what else can you do when sitting on steps right? Love this cuddly look!

arms-in cuddle pose

Some of these aren’t arms in, but the point is to cuddle in! The best is having the girls arms inward and him hug around them, plus you get extra shot looks if you say to kiss or both look at the camera!

Nose touching

what else? MY FAV. This has endless looks. For example: him/her hold the other’s face, him/her hold the other’s face while the other holds the wrist.

side note: say something like “so cute! Hope you guys smell good!” you’ll get a laugh out of it lol

Take my word for it, the cheesier you are the more fun the shoot, be yourself!

See how you can do a wide or close-in look?

I forgot how to pose so wide shot!

Literally when all else fails, and you need a creative break, just do some wide shots and dip poses!

Show the location

It’s always good to show where they are! There is a reason for every clients choice in location, so why not show it more?

As seen below you can use competition to flatter the image even more!

for more on this topic go here: http://chickaartisticaphotography.com/2017/09/22/artistic-composition/

Unique posing

posing that truly shows the love between the two clients.

booty grab pose

How can you go wrong? love it!

have fun!

It’s a session for goodness sake, just relax and enjoy the love!!!


Couple Posing 101 | My go-to posing




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