Long time no talk!! I blog 24/7 sessions but it’s been a few since a written one!

A good friend of mine mentioned this topic and I loved it, especially with 2018 right around the corner!

Taking on too much | Being a “yes man”

Raise your hand if you’re overwhelmed! Just about everyone. This can somewhat be avoided if you stop saying yes to everything. I’m going to use my boyfriend as an example (sorry babe)

So my amazingly sweet boyfriend tends to always be overwhelmed and it’s because he cannot say no. He is too nice and does so much for everyone else with nothing in return. Now I am all for giving! But don’t be a “yes man” it can drain you physically and mentally. A way to tell if you’re a “yes man”

  • You tend to always put others’ needs before you own, at your own expense.

Say no. Easier said than done, right? If you want to change how you live your life, start by making your own decisions.

Saying yes can become an addiction! You can get anxiety from overthinking what could happen if you say no. With saying yes too much comes taking on too much. Your plate becomes full of tasks and obligations, but… nothing is for YOU. what?! Don’t let this happen. When you say yes to others, be sure you aren’t saying no to yourself, and think before answering!


Don’t be afraid of the aftermath! Just let it happen and see the good in saying no, even to opportunities 🙂

Not taking time off in the busy season

believe it or not, you need to schedule relax time! Stop multi-tasking during leisure time. Do things one at a time or do nothing!

Things to do:

  • Read
  • paint
  • workout
  • Netflix
  • grab coffee or tea
  • snuggle with your boo thang
  • clean (this is relaxing to me lol)
  • write


ah yes. This stupid word. it’s like a monster isn’t it? The worst.

“Comparison puts focus on the wrong person. You can control one life—yours. But when we constantly compare ourselves to others, we waste precious energy focusing on other peoples’ lives rather than our own.”

If you are trying to build an idea or a business, how is comparing helping you? Instead if you get jealous of another’s achievements, use it to motivate yourself! You. Are. Awesome.

Having no schedule

I can’t relate to this because I am OCD when it comes to planning, I have a 5-10 year plan haha BUT if you don’t have a schedule…BRO. Stop reading this and buy a planner now!!

Check out these blogs for help!!

http://chickaartisticaphotography.com/2017/10/22/budgeting-like-a-boss/ – for budgeting money

http://chickaartisticaphotography.com/2017/03/23/starting-a-business-before-owning-one/ – for starting a business

http://chickaartisticaphotography.com/2017/07/18/top-4-planner-tips/ – for planning

Not leaving time for creating

So…let me get this straight. You have these big ideas and you want to be successful, yet you have left yourself literally 0 time to sit down and brainstorm, learn, create?

no no no, you need to go back up to “Not taking time off” and use that time for this!

Not being strong enough to handle criticism and rejection

This is a big big big deal. In business you will get rejected, there is no way around it! It’s not the end of the world! I had an almost 2hr bride meeting and she chose someone else, it stings I know! Don’t take it personally 🙂

Also criticism sucks. Especially from friends and family, but use it to better your craft and your mindset!


You got this.





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