70-200mm F/4

The cheaper version of the 70-200 models, stunning focus, wonderful for ceremony close ups!

100mm 2.8

I only use this for ring shots and earring close ups! Best when used at f/3.5 so you make sure the ring is crystal clear!

24-70mm 2.8

Not used anymore now that I have the 16-35mm. But great for wide angles of anything! Trevor uses is as a 2nd shooter.

16-35mm 2.8

My new baby! LOVE it! Great for family pictures and wideeeeee angles! At the 16 it has a little curve due to the width, but overall a great lens. I also use it for video.

600 EX-RT Flash

I have 3 of these, they are of coarse pricey BUT SO NEEDED for weddings! My other one is a 430EX but it’s nothing compared to these. Plus, they talk to each other, so they can flash at the same time for receptions and sparkler exits.

35mm Sigma Art Lens

ALL TIME FAV LENS EVER OKAY? GET IT. That is all. No but seriously 98% of my pictures are with this lens.

Sony AX 5100 w/ 16/50mm lens

Newest child! Love her! Removable lens, great auto-focus, lightweight, and flip-up screen! I also have another vlog camera that’s waterproof!


Lenses I use for a wedding day!




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