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Ready to get risky? Okay not in that way.. sheesh

So! This is a huge topic in the entrepreneur community right now, and it applies to non-business owners too! Taking the leap of faith, taking scary risks, challenging yourself. Why it’s SO important! I also adore this topic because it’s really reeling you in to the new campaign coming out “Fear Over Faith” which I am SO excited for!

Let’s get into it!

Comfort Zone

You need to be more committed to your dreams then your comfort zone. Now whether you know what your dream is or not you have to be willing to take risks. And don’t think you can’t because waking up and leaving the house is a risk itself! Think about it, you take risks all the time. So why not take some for YOU. Get out of your comfort zone. That’s the first step.

Lost Opportunities

Do you know how many chances you’ve missed because you were too scared to take the risks?

We’re all stuck in cages with the door wide open. Are you going to walk out of your cage?

Everyone’s risks are going to be different and a lot of times you don’t even know what the risks are! When I started Chicka & Co. the only risk I saw was losing a lot of money, but there were a lot more risks than that! I struggle with challenges daily, but it was that first leap that showed me “Wow! I’m really good at this!” It came naturally and I had NO idea if I was ready to do this, all I had was the money for it and the knowledge on how to build a brand, the rest I just winged it!

Don’t lose your opportunity, if you see a risk, you know what that means? It means there’s an option to do something new, something different, something amazing! If the opportunity wasn’t there you wouldn’t be scared now would you? Fear is good! It means change is close.


Accepting Failure/Trials

With any risk comes failures. Accept that things take time and accept the rejection, money loss, sleep loss, crazy schedule, etc. that goes along with taking a leap.

Now, do you know how many college students studying fashion hate me? Quite a few haha and I don’t blame them! I mean here comes along a girl, a… photographer. With 0 background in fashion. Boom I have a website, clothing, and a huge demand of customers. I’d hate me too! “Wow she didn’t even earn that, she has no idea what she is doing.” they’re right. I don’t! But, I took the risk and guess who owns her own line with 0$ of college debt? This gal! 🙂


Taking the Risk

and finally the risk!

Is there something that you’ve been wanting to try but have given yourself so many reasons not to? That is a missed opportunity.

Are you telling yourself that you aren’t good enough to do something, that you don’t have any experience to do something? That is a missed opportunity.

Is there someone in a place that YOU wish you could be in but you hesitate to reach out to them for advice or a collaboration? That is a missed opportunity.

I guarantee you the moment you get out of your comfort zone and take that risk, whether you succeed or fail I guarantee you that you’re going to be ready to face the world. No matter what it throws at you. and I guarantee you that whether it’s the first risk you take or the 100th. You will find your passion. And guess what? You can have a lot of different passions or you can have one passion! Don’t limit yourself!

life is short? No actually it’s the longest thing you’ll ever do so why not make it what YOU want?? No matter anyone’s opinion, no matter the investment, no matter if you lose friends, no matter if your family doubts you, no matter if you fail or succeed….


Have money set aside for new risks (starting a business, etc.)

Write down 5 things you want to do that you’re scared to do and then pick which is the most doable!

Ask for help from mentors and people who will give you honest opinions

Carry around a notebook for random inspirations you may get throughout the day! (this helps a lot)





Why Taking Risks, Helps Us Find Our Passions




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