To the people who doubt me and my dreams

“First, I want to say thank you. Thank you for continuing to think I’m not capable of my dreams, for thinking I take on “too many jobs”, for only acting like my friend when I accomplish something successful, for pretending I don’t exist but then giving me “business advice” that I didn’t ask for instead of just saying congratulations, for all your doubt. Thank you.

Because of you I am the best woman I’ve ever met, because of you I feel confident 24/7, because of you I have reached goals I’d never even dream of reaching, because of you… I just made another sale, thanks!”


No but seriously, do you have someone in your life who is always doubting you? Do you deal with this from family, friends, and strangers? Same here. You aren’t alone! It’s funny how the more success you achieve, the less people care about being your friend. Instead, you get critics, “helpers” (my personal favorite), askers, and fake friends.


Critics –

Or as I like to call them, jealous af.

These people don’t want to give you advice, they just want to tear you down because they’re angry they aren’t where you are. Ignore them!

I’ve received mean DMs, Tweets, and oh my gosh OBVIOUS Facebook statuses about me. Grow. Up. Also, if you do any of those, PLEASE tag me, I’d love to respond 🙂

Helpers –

Alright so these are people who act like they’re helping but really, they’re just trying to get all up in your business to seem better then you, etc. Most of these people you’ll find as a business owner, the “Oh maybe if you did this you’d be more successful” Honestly there’s nothing I dislike more than unwanted help lol I would never ever tell someone how to do something if they didn’t ask for the help or advice. Just leave us alone sheesh.



My least favorite. Okay I don’t mind helping a fellow business owner out, not at all! I adore collaborating! BUT most of the time, that person has NO emotion, no thankful heart, and honestly is too lazy to figure out things themselves they seek out FREE information from more popular business owners. THE WORST. Makes you feel so used.

Don’t let people walk all over you. Be humble, but not used.


Fake friends-

EVERYONE can relate to this! Now this isn’t high school. It’s life. If you’re in high school, it still aint high school so STOP. Girls are SO immature it’s insane. Listen to me:’’’re.jealous.of.someone.don’t.treat.them.bad.because.of.your.own.insecurites.


I always give people 2 chances: A first impression, and a second one. I might hate you when we first meet, Lord knows I myself have a resting bitch face. If you don’t like someone, give them another chance because they may be going through a hard time. Be kind!

I am a very confident human, to a fault. I can come across intense, it’s because I worked very hard to get where I am, so I don’t let anyone mess with that. I encourage you to really look at your life and who your friends/family are. Who REALLY supports you, and who may be giving you a gut feeling to leave them. It’s okay to be a little lonely because you don’t allow negative people in your life. I’d prefer 2 great friends instead of 20 shitty ones. You need to worry about YOU. Focus on what your heart wants and always go for your gut feeling.

Life isn’t short. It’s the longest thing you’ll ever do. So do it amazingly!






To the people who doubt me and my dreams




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