Why hello there! First off I’m super sorry, because if you’re here needing this blog it’s because you have to deal with the annoying monster called anxiety. YUCK!

Well no worries, you got this! I thought for awhile I had depression and when I started going to counseling I realized it was actually all anxiety! Anxiety can be shown in a lot of ways, it’s totally different for everyone. I get easily overwhelmed, and angry. But it could be different for you! Either way I have things that can help, and help me personally. With running businesses, having a serious relationship, etc. I don’t have time to let anxiety control my life!

What I always try to remember is I don’t have to have everything figured out, I just have to move forward.

1. Figure out what you’re really afraid of.

What is the absolute worst thing that can happen if you put yourself out there? Once you’ve got your worst case scenario, think about what you would do if that actually happened. But, what are the chances of your worst case scenario actually happening? Most likely, the chances aren’t very high and if it did, probably wouldn’t be the end of the world right?

Puts things in perspective.

2. Stay focused on the end goal.

Passions are what drive us. Focusing on your dreams and passions will help you overcome that anxious feeling telling you to quit. I truly think being organized allows you to be in more control over anxiety. Lists, to-do’s, planners, etc. All these things keep you on a schedule no matter what you’re dealing with!

3. Have a mentor/bestie

You can’t do everything alone. Even as someone who enjoys being by myself watching TV 24/7 it’s very important to have friends and mentors to keep you on track AND bounce ideas off of! If anyone in your life is CAUSING your anxiety… leave them! If you can’t (it’s a parent, sibling, etc.) find ways to not allow their awful personality to bother you. YOU are in charge and YOU have full control of your life.

Okay time to get tough.

4. Actually try.

Ok but seriously. Stop having a pity party and get off your sad, anxiety filled butt and DO something! Jealous of that girl who’s ahead of you? more successful? You know why she is? Because she is TRYING. She is working hard and no matter her feelings or life situation she’s working harder then you.

Try. Try. And try again.

You fail? Try again in a different way or try something totally opposite. What ever it takes.


Anxiety will always win if all you do is complain and whine and compare.

If that’s your issue read this article 

Here is a PDF download I made for you to fill out!

Work for it

Don’t forget to also take this free desktop wallpaper! Click and drag


How I Kick Anxiety’s A** | Tips




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  1. Sarah Wagner says:

    I pm’d you the other day about starting & honestly this post was incredibly helpful. The anxiety I experience comes in waves, but my biggest problem is thinking I have to do everything alone. I know now I NEED to find my mentor, I know I need to guidance, the push, the teachings. Just thank you for kicking butt in all things. God’s plan is truly showing in your life <3

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