What is a Business Burnout?

When you become unmotivated and unproductive in all things related to your business! Even if you love your job, your products, your clients, this can still happen. Being to involved in your business can hurt you. In business we have highs and lows. A lot of people don’t realize the stress toll that is put onto entrepreneurs. No matter how long your to-do list you just want to binge watch The Office. Right? I’ve been there! Now, I am running two companies and also working a day job. With this comes a lot of negatives, but I’ve learned how to manage it correctly. So here I am giving you some advice! But, before I do, take a deep breath. You are doing amazing! Here we go!

  • Learn to say NO

    With success becomes so many wonderful opportunities. But you need to learn to evaluate each offer, each client, each opportunity BEFORE saying yes. I think a lot of, for example photographers, think that they HAVE to book any and everyone who books. NO. Please remember you make the rules in your company and you have every right to decline!

  • Take a break

    That adorable and filled up calendar of yours? Write in some “you time” ok? Watch tv, paint, go on a date, go shopping, etc. But wait didn’t I just say to not be unmotivated? that’s different! There should always be time to relax! I don’t care how busy you are, you can find time. By having set days or times to turn it off, you allow yourself more energy when it’s time to work!


  • Set priorities

    It’s so easy to overthink everything and get overwhelmed simply because we are making things more complicated then they actually are. That’s why it’s important to make a list of the deadlines and top priority tasks before worrying about anything else. There is such a thing as too many ideas! Nothing gets accomplished if you don’t narrow it down.


  • Find Your Inspiration

    When all this doesn’t help, it’s because you need to find your spark again! Find the why.

What helps me:

  • Going to the movies
  • Exploring somewhere I’ve never been
  • Shopping for some new outfits
  • Starbucks
  • Browsing Pinterest for either inspirational quotes, or new DIY crafts.
  • Going on a date with a friend or my boyfriend
  • Reading books… self-help books, business books, or fiction books….any books.
  • Painting. Drawing.…..those adult coloring books are pretty addictive.
  • Helping someone, with anything.
  • Watching Gary Vee or Casey Neistat
  • Eating Icecream

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How To Avoid a Business Burnout | 4 Tips




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