• Write down everything

    Lists, goals, meetings, work schedule, to do’s, budgeting, bills, etc. This is what planners are for! Use it to it’s fullest potential!! More you write down the less you could possibly forget! Personally, what I always forget is days I planned to hang out with friends! So I always make sure even if it’s a maybe to write it down so I either don’t forget or don’t book something over it.

  • Use stickers + colored pens

Childish? No. Important! Draws attention to the big events and top priority things! I use certain colors for different bookings and errands! I buy the sticker books to help with even more organization like lists, goals, and even days I plan on going to grab coffee! (seriously, I plan my entire life)

  • Bigger planners are actually better

    I used to buy small, cute planners but ended up buying about 5 a year because they weren’t good enough! As soon as I found “My Happy Planner” and decided to go for the bigger one, life changed! It helps so much, especially if your days are full with A LOT.

  • It’s a journal not just a planner

    This is so important! Because of being a perfectionist I decided to really go creative and out of my comfort zone with this planner. I know some of you may think this is all excessive but I have bad anxiety and this is actually “Art Therapy” for me and you should totally try it too! Now trust me I have TONS of journals, but I also encourage you to write goals and ideas down in your planner too! It’s just a really fun tool for creative success!



Top 4 Planner Tips!




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