Because I am awesome.

Totally kidding. It used to take me DAYS and WEEKS to deliver a gallery, especially a wedding! Weddings used to scare the crap out of me, but now? I deliver a wedding gallery to my clients on their HONEYMOON. And other sessions? The next MORNING. How? I’ll tell you!

Before I begin, I need to tell you I am not that insane. I do cover my butt and say 3-4 weeks for weddings and 1 week for other shoots, because you never know I could get sick or something! But the key to good business is caring.

Under promise and over deliver.

So let’s get started!

Photo Mechanic

This is 50% of why I’m so fast. This software is $150 and a one time buy. SO WORTH IT. Below you’ll see (and discussed in past YouTube videos) how it works! The system syncs your RAW or JPEG. photos and you choose a key (EX: spacebar) so you can soooo quickly skim through a whole wedding or shoot and color code what you want to edit. Then you drag and drop it into Lightroom to only edit those images, so nice!!

I’m using the Longwood Garden shoot as an example!


Lightroom Homemade Presets

Ah Lightroom. What a pain and blessing it is. I have a 101 video on it! But in regards to this blog, to summarize; I have presets I made, at least 20+ of them! I get an idea of the style I’m going for and then use my presets for all of them and go back to adjust minor fixes like lighting or cropping!

On the left you see some of my presets! They are in folders and then within that labeled for different versions of each.

On the Right I can then further adjust if needed!

Let me know if you want me to sell them! 😉

The “Sync” Option

Shown below is used when you have let’s say a big set of images all basically in the same spot, so you edit one and then sync them all to that specific edit. Boom! Done with that cluster in seconds!

Click the edited photo then Shift + click to the last photo of the cluster (this can be done multiple times not always at once)

Then on the bottom right, click sync and synchronize. done!


I’ve said this multiple times but this software is free and amazing for delivering photos! Easy too! It’s $30 a gallery ONLY if over 100 images so I include that in my wedding prices since I deliver 400-800 images a wedding.

It also allows organizing for a wedding (EX: details, reception, etc.)

Do I use other softwares?

Yes! I actually use Photoshop a lot for portraits! Also, PortraitPro Which is a software for “beauty fixes”


Lastly, I like my job

This is a HUGE reason I have such a quick delivery. I’m not saying if you are slow it’s bad and you hate your job, not at all! But personally, editing is my favorite so honestly that’s why I’m quick! Not to mention, I get so many more clients simply because of my editing and turnaround time. Something to think about 🙂


How + Why My Turnaround Time is 1-2 Days




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