1. Use a Macro Lens

    Macro Lenses aren’t the cheapest lenses but they are amazing! If you’re on a Canon you should get the 100mm macro 2.8! It’s $500-600 or you can buy it used (most of my lenses are used)

  2. Use Manual Focus and Take Multiple Shots

    Unless you are totally still (which isn’t normally the case especially with moving flowers) auto focus in this situation, as it’s just not accurate enough. Get used to focusing manually! Take a lot of pictures! If there are 20 blurry there’s bound to be a clear 😉

  3. Camera Settings

    Crank up the aperture to around F4.0-F5.6 and guess what? You’ll still get a great bokeh! It helps having it hight to focus on the entire diamond, especially the smaller ones!

  4. Think Creatively

    Don’t forget to think outside of the box! Now I know I know I take only in flowers basically haha but hey that’s my style! Do what works for you! My creativity comes from the angles, editing, and composition!


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