• ¬†Stop Overthinking

Really! This may seem obvious but you really need to stop worrying about things not in your control. Someone doesn’t like you? It’s okay! You’re better off without them. Having problems with sales or getting clients? Don’t sweat it! Think of how blessed you are, think postitive and don’t let silly things effect your awesome future.

What are 3 things you’re overthinking? Think of why and stop doing it!

  • Prioritize

What do you care about most? alone time, family time, sleep, reading, running, anything! Write down your top 5 things you wish you had time for and make. it. happen.

“Success is a choice.”

There are always ways to make things work and get on a great schedule! It’s hard to stay focused if you aren’t making time for what really matters!

  • Hobbies

What are your FAV things to do? What makes you extremely happy in life? Believe it or not, knowing these things will help you find your passions and make your life so much more wonderful! If you don’t know, then try new things, go on new adventure, read new books, make new friends! Whatever it takes!

  • Get Financially Stable

I cannot stress this enough. If you have a sh*t credit, no budget, and no savings….. ???? You definitley aren’t or will have insane trouble staying on track in your journey to your goals!

  1. make a budget
  2. build your credit
  3. put $20-$50 away every week
  4. get out of your small debts and work on paying off your big ones (loans, etc.)
  5. Don’t go to college if you ain’t need to! hahaha Seriously if I find out you went thousands of dollars in debt to study entrepreneurship I will hunt you down and hit you in the face. crazy people.
  6. leave money for spending on YOU.


Once this is all in order you can BREATHE and really work on your dreams that require some $$$



Staying on track when chasing your dreams




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