So you have equipment, you have the eye, but how do you make the image in your head come to life? I’m here to help!

P.S. this blog is more helpful to those who shoot manual

There are three things to know when SHOOTING:

  • Natural reflectors/shade

  • Camera settings (manual) ~ ISO, F/stop, aperture 

  • Composition 

Editing is a huge help to your vision as well! But personally I think it’s 50/50 so don’t ever not give shooting your all just because you can “fix it later”

okay so let’s get to it!

Mind you this is all just my opinion!

First off, try and shoot closer to sunset or right before it

EX: Sunset’s @5:30 so start shooting at 4

This is just because it allows less crazy sunlight which benefits your images, as you can see on the left even the RAW image is beautifully lighted, no harsh sun and gorgeous skin tones! This is so important for all skin types.

Next let’s briefly discuss MANUAL.

ISO 200


A lot of photographers think you have to have your f/stop around 1.2-1.8 in order to get bokeh (blurred background) and what happens is, when doing that your subject tends to easily get out of focus. So, as you can see me shooting 2-2.5 my client is crystal clear AND there’s bokeh!

ISO I just keep around the 100-200’s unless it’s a dark area.

I also mute colors, contrast, highlights, hues, etc. that’s definitley a separate blog!

 Natural Reflectors!

A white wall is the best natural reflector, her back is facing the sun and the light is bouncing off of the wall for a gorgeous shot!

It works with any wall keep scrolling to see!

Let’s get into composition 

Below you can see she is more to the left and the wall is “leading” to her, it allows more focus on the subject instead of placing her in the middle.

This works with anything from trees to walls to stairs!

P.S with Photoshop I removed the car.  🙂

For example: this composition below I took while sitting, so I got a more unique angle of her.

More centered but still composition is shown with the hedges.


Going more into lighting, LR helps so much with situations like these!  (for info on editing let me know in the comments I’ll make a post)

Here below I edited a lot, including her phone out!

See full shoot here!!


How to make your images clear, soft & bright




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