I know it’s rough trying to do a million things at once! And in 2017 the only way to be ahead IS by doing a million things at once. But there are ways to balance! You just have to sit down, and find your groove.

  • Own a planner + have a budget

    Something that literally changed my life was owning a planner and buying notebooks. Not a dinky planner that you buy 5x a year from Target cause it’s cute, but an actual, awesome, planner to use for the whole year for everything!!! Also… stickers are a must.

Your planner should have everything in it :

  1. things you forget (reminders)
  2. meetings/sessions/hangouts
  3. vacations/chill days
  4. bills!
  5. lists (grocery, to-dos, etc.)
  6. ideas ( anything that pops in your head, write down!)

See why it shouldn’t be dinky? Mine is about the size of a laptop, and has a “book cover” on it so I can put my notebooks with it as well.

Planners I suggest

My Happy Planner 

Simplified Planner

Make It Happen Planner

If you don’t have a planner or feel it’s too late to get one it’s not! But one asap!!

– Budgeting 

I’ll go into this briefly

Everyone should have a budget, even if you don’t think you do, you do.  Have bills on certain days that you pay every month? Then you have a budget.

I personally use an excel sheet I made, one for business and one for personal, but writing it down in a planner is just as fine! make sure you have enough money to pay your bills, to save, AND to have fun!

  • Prioritize

    Really sit down and think of what things are most important to you and what do you want to make time for!

Is it your relationship, family, hobbies, adventure, clients, more income, yourself? It can be all of the above! It is totally possible to make time for everything! First put down what HAS to be done (job, appointments, things that are set in stone) Then after that is done what you have left is for you to decide! Do it week by week but also plan out each day so you have an idea of what’s happening all the time!

My summer is 100% planned out, including “me days” ! It was easy once I sat down and made time to, well… make time!

  • Follow through

This is the hardest part, actually doing it! Stick to it, because believe me not knowing when things are happening can be scary! Forgetting things or being late is not fun at all, planners keep me calm. If there’s one thing I think you need to stick to it’s having a budget, knowing where the money is going! If you do these things I promise you will feel A LOT better!


Balancing Life + Business | 3 tips




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