“Work smarter not harder”


For years I lived by this and thought it was the answer to everything but honestly it’s just me being fricking lazy

That quote isn’t a quote, it’s an excuse. If you strive for success you need to grind

You need to put blood, sweat, and tears into your passions and careers. If you don’t you won’t get anywhere. Work is key.

We work because we WANT to not because we have to. Seriously. A lot of us love working! If you don’t love working you aren’t doing what you want. I’m literally always busy, and I LOVE it. In order to just hang out with a friend I have to book them like 3-4 weeks ahead of time in my planner and I fricking love that! Being busy is so much fun to me. I believe that working hard is just as important, if not MORE important then working smarter. I like looking at a paycheck or an accomplishment after I’m completely exhausted from working my a** off to earn it, it’s just a great feeling.

No one has ideas┬ábecause they’re building other people’s dream. Their idea is simply put: “I have the best idea in the world, but I need to be on my 9-5 job tomorrow”

How to work harder | Tips :

  • Don’t always profit, put money right back into your dreams/goals (took me 2 years to finally be able to have Chicka Artistica write me a check every week for spending)
  • LEARN (read, watch videos, listen to podcasts, etc.) Humble yourself and educate yourself, always learn.
  • Be self-aware.
  • *Have mentors – someone who is where you want to be, someone who is lower than you, and someone on your level
  • When you reach even your highest goal, top it.
  • Use criticism to benefit you.
  • Late nights are okay! I’m writing this at 1am, you don’t need 8+ hours of sleep everyday to be successful.
  • Need more income? Get more jobs! 1, 2, 3 jobs? Do it.
  • Buy the coffee. Just buy the coffee.
  • Hire as many people to do things you don’t need/want to do yourself (EX: taxes, book-keeping, behind-the-scenes video, marketing) you’d be surprised how many people will do that stuff for FREE.
  • Collaborate. enough said.
  • Give give give value. Then ask for business.
  • Work smarter…… and harder.






Work Smarter AND Harder




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