About Nazanin,

“Growing up in a Persian family, tea is central to our interactions. I’ve always associated tea with connecting people. Tea quickly became a ritual for me and an important part of my life. In the short time it takes to prepare tea, so much can be accomplished internally. To me, tea is a time to slow down. Tea is a time for self-reflection and self-love. Whether it’s being enjoyed solo or with others, there’s no better time than tea time!

Tea Thoughts was born out of a need to express my creativity and I decided to go on a journey of tea exploration. My goal is to try new teas, experiment with them in different mediums and perhaps most importantly, build a community of tea lovers. I welcome everyone to join me on this journey whether they drink tea or not. I often come across these stereotypes of tea being too fancy or complex but I want to show that there is a tea out there for every person!

I’ve always loved to work with my hands and shortly after I started my blog, I decided to open an etsy shop. My shop is a place for me to express my love for tea through different mediums. I tend to keep my items fun and quirky because I think that embodies my personality the best. Every time I add an item it’s usually something I’ve thought of when I was drinking tea.”

WEBSITE : https://teathoughts.com/thoughts

Some of her products :


She’s collabing with us in our bridal gifts woohoo!!! Tea Thoughts cards are the cutest ever!


Tea Thoughts | Meet the owner!




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