When you think of running or starting a business the first thing most people think of and stress over is getting their license, as cool and important as that is you can run a business for even an entire year without owning it!

Your business will be more successful if you begin it before it has started.

frick yes! This quote is EXACTLY what I mean. Even before you even realize you’re ready, do it! Let me tell you something. When I began my photography business I started junior year of high school, I was 16 going on 17 (sound of music reference). You aren’t allowed to purchase a business license until you’re 18 so did I wait around for 2 years? NO. I still treated it like a full-running business.

TIP: Never treat your small business like a small business. It is an empire.

 I marketed

 I had business cards

I had a logo

I had a FB page

I had clients who paid me

I had another job 

Work work work non stop, you are never done, there is always more to do.  Some nights I am up until 2-4 am just learning and writing and planning!

Starting a business 101


  • Name the Business
  • Build your social media (Facebook page, Instagram, Etc.) 
  • Create prices, packages, and your service/product
  • Market to the clients you want
  • Create a logo + order business cards
  • The money you get from clients use to purchase anything you need for your business (EX: equipment)
  • WEBSITE/URL domain (Etsy, Wixx, WordPress, etc.)
  • Hustle Hustle Hustle – most important step
  • If you make up to $500-$1000 in sales, you’re 18 or over, and you want to do this for real THEN consider getting your license!


Don’t let age define you wanting to start a business, whether you’re 15 or 55 you can do what ever you want. You have SO much time to!




Starting a business BEFORE owning one




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