The only thing complaining does is show people you are NOT in control.

So when I realized that me, someone who strives for full control, was LOSING it to complaining too much that is when I took responsibility. And you should to, here’s why:

Complaining : Express dissatisfaction or annoyance about a state of affairs or an event.

This generation is so sensitive. I’m sure if you didn’t notice that, you sure did after the election. I cannot go one day without reading or hearing someone complain about something either so insignificant or something they have control over. I have had to unfriend and block multiple women whom I USED to look up to because they have allowed complaining and self pity to consume their lives. It’s sad really. I see such powerful women lose it all and lose themselves  in caring WAY too much about social media and self-image rather than who they actually are.

And then these people have the audacity to wonder…”Why am I not succeeding?”

Well newsflash, you aren’t succeeding because you are naive. In order to become successful you have to TRY, you have to FAIL. You have to work like you’ve never worked before.

You aren’t a tree! And at least the tree is actually doing work. YOU AREN’T.

What now?

“Meghan I have taken responsibility, I want to be successful, what do I do now.”

This is what you do my friend: you work your ass off. You do everything you possibly can to get to each step. I’ve talked about this before, where you need to make achievable action steps NOT goals. When you hear someone say “I want to be a millionaire by the age of 25.” They are utterly stupid. Especially if they are only 20-22 years old, you really think you can do that? how? Win the lottery?

Money is NOT success. Hard work is success.


Here are some things that I have done in my journey to success. This is my own personal opinion!

  • Become humble, there is such a thing as being too confident.
  • Stop focusing on tangible things. (clothes, food, cars, etc.)
  • Save money.
  • But also invest money (workshops, books, software, etc.)
  • Stop comparing yourself to everyone. It’s a waste of time.
  • Don’t do something you are good at for free.
  • Pay off any debt, or make a step forwards paying off debt.
  • Build your credit.
  • Start paying for your own bills.
  • Stop. Complaining.
  • hustle.


Why complaining is keeping you from success | Tough love




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