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Fake it until you make it? NO. Until you BECOME it!

Faking your confidence can positively influence your brain chemistry and change your life.

We ALL get into blah moods where literally nothing is possible, even getting out of bed lol

Guess what? That’s ok! It’s totally fine to be blah and have emotions, we’re human, we can’t “go hard” all the time it’s exhausting.

One of my FAVORITE quotes is by Tina Fey

Confidence is 10% hard work

and 90% delusion.

That is so true! You look at someone who “has it all” but honestly he/she is probably just as lost as you, it’s all about the delusion of confidence. AKA Faking it until you make it.

I titled this post Fake it till you become it because I don’t want you to “make it” that means you just barely made it and that’s not who we are right? right. We’re amazing. We have the power to BECOME it.

What is the “it” in this phrase though? Well anything you want!

For me it’s being happy. I struggle so hard with happiness and did you know that even though I struggle with small amounts of anxiety and depression people have told me I’m one of the happiest people they’ve met? Or that I smile A LOT. Well they must have saw me when I was eating… totally kidding… anyway how nuts is that? Someone who is sad a lot of the time is seen as this “loving life” human. Why? FAKE IT TILL YOU BECOME IT.

What’s your “it”

Is it happiness like me? Is it a career? Is it finding love? finding self-love? Think of what it is and remember it! You’ll need that later.

I have another quote for you because I read a lot of girl power books lol

Do what you have to do.

Until you can do what you want to do.

– Oprah Winfrey 

Ugh! How perfect is that?! Here’s an example of what this means if you’re a little lost:

Most of you think I do this full time. Living the dream, no college just taking pretty pictures. ha. no. actually taking pictures is maybe 20% of my job.

  • Day Job – I work at a company that builds houses, pole buildings, etc. from 9am-4pm This means I have the weekends for my other job and after work about 2 hours in the spring for shoots.
  • BILLS. So many. so so so many.
  • taxes
  • rent
  • editing
  • blogging
  • running the website
  • driving EVERYWHERE

shall I go on? haha this isn’t a pity party I’m just showing that I do what I have to do so that one day I can do what I want to do.

This what I think those people who lack that one thing, that separates them from us and them. Work ethic. The capability to go all in 110% non stop even when it’s doing nothing for you.

I mean do you know how many of my blog posts nobody reads? A lot. But it’s okay! I’ll eventually be recognized. Or how many clients I lose due to them not clicking with me or thinking i’m too young. I can go on and on but point being. WHO CARES.

I don’t know if you’ve caught on but I say that a lot.

It’s okay to care enough about YOU to not care about everyone else. It took me… so frickin’ long to realize that lol I just want to go to High School Meghan and be like DUDE RELAX.

You can pull off literally anything if you look confident. I am dead serious. The amount of opportunities I’ve been blessed to have when I had NO experience with, yet I still was chosen cause I LOOK like I have my sh*t together! That is the key my friends.


just kidding. But you know what I mean 🙂

I’d love to hear what your “it” is! comment and tell me why! Also if there’s anything you’d like blogged tell me chickas!



Fake it till you BECOME it. | Blog Series




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  1. Sarah says:

    Seriously. You rock, I am going backwards for some inspiration. I am not exactly sure what my most recent stop on this journey will be, but I am starting now because I want to do more.

  2. Hannah M. says:

    My “it” is self love/confidence and happiness. Like you I struggle with depression and I also struggle with body image. I’m constantly trying to work towards my goals. I love this post! It makes me feel a little more sane for feeling like I’m the only one whose life is a mess! lol 🙂

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