Dear girls, you’ve been waiting for this moment forever. He’s the one, everything is perfect, it’s so exciting!

Dear boys, believe it or not we’ve planned this moment about 2 weeks after dating you. Sorry not sorry.

Things I get asked a lot when it comes to photographing proposals are:

From the Girl:

“Won’t I know I’m being proposed to?”

“Won’t that ruin the moment?”

From Guys:

“What the heck do I do.”

haha all normal questions! What a lot of people don’t get about this. Is it’s a WONDERFUL idea.

You have many options boys:

Book a sweetheart session

(hair and makeup included) 

She’ll never see it coming. She just thinks you’re getting couple pictures done and BOOM marry me? Oh and not to mention all the brownie points you’ll get. But don’t worry I will handle everything and give you ideas, you just need to kneel and ask. Not too hard right?

Does this ruin the moment? NO AT ALL! She is going to be all prettied up and so happy you’re proposing she won’t even notice me.



Book a secret sweetheart session

Yep. If you really want her to have NO IDEA (which is near to impossible, believe me we know everything) hire me for the same thing but I’ll be hidden while you ask, and capture it, then I’ll come out and we’ll finish with a shoot!

Oh! And don’t be scared, if she’s willing to do a whole shoot with you, she’s definitely saying yes.

Still not convinced? Check out these past proposals

she has no idea


still no idea


Oh what’s that on the dog collar? A RING? WHA?

BOOM2016-10-03_0006 2016-10-03_0007 2016-10-03_0008 2016-10-03_0009

STILL not convinced? keep scrolling

aweeee she has no clue


still no idea but he’s nervous

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oh oh.. there it is!


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2016-10-03_0013 2016-10-03_0014

Interested? click here! shhh don’t tell her


Why I Should Photograph When He Pops the Question




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