I remember how tired I was mentally before this trip, just completely exhausted and working hard getting everything done before we left. Sometimes there’s such a thing as “hustling too hard” Don’t think it’s wrong to take a break! The busier my business gets the more I make it a priority to leave time open for these things:

  • Alone time
  • Family
  • Significant other
  • Friends

I’m social. I don’t mind making friends and talking with my wonderful clients. But in ALL honesty, I’m really not a people person lol But when I began making time for people I realized it was helping my mental health! It’s okay to not have a crap-ton of friends, but you should always make time to hangout with people, you’d be surprised at how it helps even the most unsocial of us!

Why alone time should be set to a minimum

In my own experience. I’m not trying to tell you how to live with no facts to back up my advice. This is literally coming from someone who takes herself out to dinner ALONE. This is how I am and how I always have been. There is nothing wrong with loving alone time BUT. Too much alone time can hurt you without you even noticing:

Have you ever heard of the science experiment where the frog dies because they slowly turn the water to boiling and it doesn’t even realize it?


you read, write, watch Netflix, paint, clean, eat, all simple things right? What’s the harm? Well there isn’t a problem with those things until it becomes a big habit. Every day having hours of alone time is NOT healthy. okay? NOT HEALTHY. I regret getting used to being by myself because just going to work gives me so much discomfort, when I’m with a group of friends i’m uncomfortable, I just like being alone and that began to hurt me.

In a recent study scientists found:

The most socially isolated subjects had a 26% greater risk of dying. The correlation still held true even after the researchers adjusted for other factors, like pre-existing health conditions, socioeconomic status, sex, and age. But unintuitively (and unexpectedly), loneliness, as a factor on its own, could not be linked to the deaths.


So all in all, love yourself and have alone time but don’t make it a habit. Find friends, enjoy family, go outside, live.

I took a weekend away with friends and had such a great time! So refreshing and made me realize how surrounding yourself with good people can help you be a happier person.

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Images of me taken by Samantha Jane Photography & Edited by me

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The Negatives of Alone Time | Annapolis, MD




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