Ah!! SO EXCITED TO SHARE THIS! Laura’s portrait session was SO GORGEOUS!!! I want to always shoot at sunrise now, so worth waking up at 4am to drive to the beach! We had so so so much fun! Laura is actually a photographer in VA and we actually only met ONCE at a workshop only days before this shoot! amazing right? I was so happy when she said she was visiting DE and wanted to book one of my new portrait packages! ah! We even got to do in-studio shots! Thank you Laura for booking with me, you are the coolest and sweetest girl in the whole world! Miss you already!!

If you’re interested in book a portrait session click here!

We also got breakfast and… met a kangaroo! See how much fun my sessions are? (;

IMG_9416 IMG_9310 IMG_9427

Keep scrolling for her amazing session!IMG_2234 2016-08-29_0020 2016-08-29_0019 2016-08-29_0018 2016-08-29_0017 2016-08-29_0016 2016-08-29_0015 2016-08-29_0014 2016-08-29_0013 2016-08-29_0012 2016-08-29_0011 2016-08-29_0010 2016-08-29_0009  2016-08-29_0007  2016-08-29_0005 2016-08-29_0004 2016-08-29_0003  2016-08-29_00012016-08-29_0021  2016-08-29_00232016-08-29_0022 2016-08-29_0024 2016-08-29_0025 2016-08-29_0026 2016-08-29_0027 2016-08-29_0028 2016-08-29_0029 2016-08-29_0030 2016-08-29_0031 2016-08-29_0032 2016-08-29_0033 2016-08-29_0034 2016-08-29_0035 2016-08-29_0036 2016-08-29_0037

In-Studio Shoot!

 2016-08-29_0039 2016-08-29_0040 2016-08-29_0041 2016-08-29_0042 2016-08-29_0043 2016-08-29_0044 2016-08-29_0045


Laura| Sunrise Shoot Rehoboth, DE




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